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There are three main considerations for anyone out there searching for employment or considering a change in career. These are better pay, a more prestigious position and a greater level of job satisfaction. You too can improve your chances of finding a desirable job placement by enhancing your personal profile and diversifying your portfolio. Learn a new language to get that job youíve always dreamed about ñ the reality of this is here and now!

Yet what are the best options for studying a new language for employment prospects? Undoubtedly English, French, German, Spanish and Italian are amongst the prime languages for students with their sights set on personal development and an outcome of career progress.

Itís fortunate that your opportunities to study these major world languages are as ample as they are varied and interesting. Take a Spanish course Spain and come to appreciate this wonderfully rich language through lived experience. An English course England will not only ensure that you excel in this leading language of finance, technology, hospitality, tourism and culture, but it will reveal that thereís more to life in England that just the stereotyped fish and chips, or tea and crumpets!

To really enjoy everything on offer on your study abroad program, why not take a French course France and learn what it means to enjoy all the finer pleasures of life! A German course Switzerland, on the other hand, will ensure that your German language ability functions like clock-work and youíll return to your normal life refreshed after living in the fresh Swiss mountain air. Last but not least, who hasnít dreamt of learning at an Italian course Italy? Living la dolce vita in the Italian countryside is an aspiration of many around the globe.

But before we get too far off track, letís get back to the fact that learning a language is not all play and no work! Itís just that the language learning process, wherever you choose to study, is so rewarding that youíll be bound return to work or the job hunt with revitalized vigor and newly acquired language skills!