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When planning your dream career, do you find yourself spending a little bit too much time obsessing over the perks of the certain employment path? You know the ones, company car, cell phone, allowances for your dry cleaning bills, cover for dental and medical requirements, a bumper superannuation package, a really top-quality office coffee percolator and tasty cookies the list goes on and the possibilities are endless according to personal taste!

If only it were possible to adjust your job search criteria by "job perks"! It would have a whole lot more people out there keen and eager to trawl the internet and pound the pavements in the hope of finding that ideally-tailored position! Hands down the best option would be to have a free N96. These new state-of-the-art mobile phones from Nokia are just about the cream of the crop when it comes to work incentives. If any prospective boss were to present you with one of these Nokia phones, dangled as a company "carrot", it's certain that anyone would snap up the proffered job in an instant!

With the increase of fuel prices and the difficulty of finding parking space (plus the appeal of switching to public transport, let's not forget that one either!) company cars deserve to be a thing of the past. The real status symbol these days is a company mobile phone. Make sure that you get the latest Motorola phone or LG phone when you sign up to your next job ­ otherwise keep looking! When it comes to the latest model cell phones, it's either take it or leave it and by this, it's the job that's on the line!