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Getting a better job in tough times

With the global economic crisis still foremost in the minds of millions around the globe, the question remains: How can I become more employable? This has always been a crucial question for those either seeking work or thinking about a career change, but now more than ever this "million dollar" question hangs in the air.

It's virtually impossible to offer any failsafe advice, but there are always little hints and tricks that can make you more employable in the first instance or more essential to your company in the long run. For many that have found themselves unemployed following the recent financial dire straits, it has provided them with the chance to take stock and reassess their skills and value offered to any prospective company. This also means taking the opportunity to brush-up on forgotten skills and learn new ones while they're at it.

Reports out of the UK indicate that language schools London have registered a trend in the reasons why many new students have enrolled in their courses. Languages are being primarily learned for professional reasons, and accessing the wealth of international markets through language and communication is seen to be the way forward for the future. Speaking another or multiple languages is a feature that employers rate highly as a chief factor among their future employees, and international experience is thought well of in a number of industries.

Need an English school in London?

Further enrolment patterns indicate a similar recognition throughout Europe. Students and job candidates are eager to record on their CVs any time spent at an English school in London or in cities throughout the UK. Not only does the study abroad experience benefit students, as they are able to get better exam results on returning to their home country, but job candidates are often graded by their exposure to the English language. Prospective employees who don't speak a second language, according to reports, are often looked over for those who can speak English and other languages, and especially those with experience of communicating in English for everyday or business scenarios in a native-speaker context.