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Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

Headquarters: 5601 Sunnyside Ave.
Beltsville, MD 20705
Phone: 301-504-1074
Employees: 9,495
Administrator: Edward Knipling

Career Page

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is the main scientific research agency for the United States Department of Agriculture. The ARS's main responsibility is to find solutions to important agricultural problems in America by researching and collaborating with other research partners, universities, organizations and companies, and other countries. Their discoveries have helped create solutions to many health-related concerns involving agriculture and food.

The job of the ARS is finding solutions to agricultural problems that affect Americans every day, from field to table-

-- Protecting crops and livestock from pests and disease,
-- Improving the quality and safety of agricultural products,
-- Determining the best nutrition for people from infancy to old age,
-- Sustaining our soil and other natural resources,
-- Ensuring profitability for farmers and processors,
-- Keeping costs down for consumers, and
-- Providing research support to other federal agencies.

For example, due to ARS research, many food products are able to contain a fat substitute that consists of oats and barley. These ingredients are much healthier than fat itself. Also, ARS research has made it possible to have brands of infant formula that are more similar
to breast milk. And thanks to the ARS, farmers can now plant disease-and-pet-resistant crops.

ARS research is organized into 22 National Programs, falling into four separate categories:
-- Nutrition, Food Safety/Quality
-- Animal Production and Protection
-- Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems
-- Crop Production and Protection

The agency has 1,200 research projects within its 22 National Programs and 2,100 scientists.

From the farms to the tables, the ARS is leading the country towards a healthy future through agricultural research, studies, and information.